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One Brick At A Time…

There are no overnight successes.

There is just the journey to a life worth living.
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Brick By Brick

I believe a good life is built brick by brick.
I believe in reading and thinking every day.
I believe that it's never too late for greatness.
I believe that anyone can make extraordinary contributions no matter what has come before.
I believe in you.

Recent Work

Wasted Work

A minor detail that one person – or department – does poorly can screw up the work that the rest of the team does. Imagine going to a hotel. Everything is perfect. Dozens of people work in concert to provide clean rooms, a well lit interior and a great experience. Except one person. A housekeeper […]

The Push: October 2016

Each month, I post my goals publicly. I don’t promote this blog, so by saying it’s “public,” is somewhat of a misnomer.  I entered 2016 a little burnt out (probably even depressed) from making a ton of preventable mistakes (see “failure series” for details, extrapolate to my personal life). Sometimes time simply has to pass, […]

What To Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

At its nadir, in 1997, Apple had DAYS of cash left in the bank. It was in danger of missing payroll and it had to go to its banks for astonishingly small sums of money. This happened to them. We were in the same boat, but it was easier to fix and on a smaller […]

The Life you Want Is Built A Brick

There are no get rich quick schemes, magic pills or miracle diets.
This blog is about building a solid life.
We will cover philosophy, family, fitness, and business.
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