What To Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

Sep/21 By

At its nadir, in 1997, Apple had DAYS of cash left in the bank. It was in danger of missing payroll and it had to go to its banks for

Things that Happen In a Death Spiral

Sep/20 By

(Part II of IV in the Journey) When you’re failing – as we were-  things get fried. First, you don’t apprehend the situation you’re in. It’s A Dunning-Krueger thing, maybe,

All You Can Sell Vs. All You Can Do

Sep/19 By

[Welcome to the near failure experience, a 4 part series about pulling back from the worst type of failure] Summer 2015. Our company had a record month.  More collected sales

Shot of a happy grandmother meeting her granddaughter

Minimum Viable Parenting

Sep/6 By

If I am to matter at all–if I am to be of use and benefit to humanity it will be through my children. Through teaching them who to be, providing

Family Is a Place Without Gossip

Jul/30 By

Support is the backbone of any family. A place where you’ll get a chance, and where you’re going to get support without judgement. What does that mean? People will, from time

The Minimum Viable Apology

Jun/22 By

At some point soon we’re going to see a professional athlete or political figure apologize for something that they do. What will happen is some type of nopology.   “Ah, I didn’t

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