About Chris P. Johnson

cropped-cpj-bw.jpgHi there. I’m Christopher Johnson.  Middle name is Patrick, hence the CPJ.

I’m an instigator, a sales pro, a writer, a family man & a scrappy, helpful guy.

I was born on St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ve been the luckiest guy I know ever since.

I believe in the power of reading and I read about 120 books every year.

I co-founded a company called Simplifilm, a long-running b2b  running b2b motion design studios around and one of the few pioneers in the explainer video space.

At Simplifilm

We’ve made high-end video projects for the likes of Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Brad Feld, Ryan Holiday & Robert Greene.  Simplifilm worked with both startups and established companies like Creative Live, Envato, Yesware, Deloitte & Insight.ly. Simplifilm continues to do great creative work operating as what we hope is a fairly exclusive boutique.

Together with my business partner, I created a product called Flowtility built it to over 10,000 paid users. Sold to Telestream in 2015.

I’m a diehard Cubs Fan (Jody Davis is my all time favorite Cub) & I’m a geek, and I love all things Marvel and classic Nintendo. I was raised on Star Wars and Gremlins and Goonies and I love all of the 80’s kitsch that you’d think of when you think of gen-X. It’s a good time to be around because that nostalgia is fresh again.

Last – and not least – I’m a dedicated family man. I have a great partner (Heather) and two great kids that we’re working really hard to raise right.

I live in the Tri-Cities, WA, east of Portland & Seattle. Simplifilm is headquartered in Seattle, WA. We embrace working remotely.


You can reach me at cpj@cpj.io and I’ll be in touch and up for whatever.

The Goal of This Site:

I’m in the early part of a massive reboot of my life.

I nearly blew everything important to me over the last 15 months, and this is a place to publicly write, think, work and collect ideas that will build the systems that carry me forward in the next phase of my life. I believe in Nathan Barry’s maxim to “work in public” so this is where we’ll do that.

This is where I work out the newest ideas that I have, and record ideas on:

I believe that systems are better than an ad hoc way of working with things and so this site will be where I work through the ideas to build excellent systems.

OK, So What Are You Selling?

OKKGood question.

This isn’t currently a revenue generating site.  That said, I’m not going to pass up revenue generating opportunities.

I offer sales consulting for a few ad agencies and other new businesses, and I obviously if you want a Simplifilm (a purpose built, handcrafted video) we can talk about that, too.  Email me at cpj@cpj.io

The Tools This Site Was Built On

We rock WPEngine, and we recommend LightningBase for people starting their blog.



This blog is my personal blog. The posts here may not even be my own opinions (my thinking evolves) let alone those of anyone I work with.

We are influenced by the people that do business with us. I want to give everyone that hires me at Simplifilm the benefit of the doubt, so when we sing the praises of our clients we’re biased towards them because they have trusted us.

We recommend products we love – sometimes we earn a commission on them as affiliates (most companies have these programs).  We have never recommended anything we haven’t used extensively & paid money for ourselves.