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Current Projects & Status

Simplifilm:  This is my main revenue generating project.  We made some Q4, 2015 errors that we are paying mightily for right now.  Our current sprint lasts between now and April 30th.  The goal is to have clean books and financial integrity everywhere.

The Line Which Is Dotted:  This is my “Pixar.” It’s a to-be-launched project that will teach what I know.  Simplifilm has had a lot of success and we we’ve had over 400 clients.  I can teach the methods to get and keep clients.  This will have a podcast, Facebook Group.  I’ll be building it as a personal platform to teach sales and selling to anyone that needs to know.


For 7 years, Heather has been going to school to be a Nurse Practitioner. She’s worked in an intense program while we’ve lived in Portland.  It was intense, financially it was tens of thousands of dollars (I don’t even know anymore).

It was relentless pressure for Heather. Every test was the end of the world.

It was pressure for me, financial failure meant Heather couldn’t go on.

This made it hard, we stared at the abyss. What kind of family arrangement do we want? Do we capitulate?  Break up the band?

Of the people in her (elite) program, during her program 40% of them didn’t leave the program with the partner they started with.  We came as close as humans can to that abyss.

I had to make choices at the business to generate cash today to pay the bills. That was pressure. We had to take now money out and take higher salaries than we needed, for both me and my partner. The personal cash needs constrained some of our options.

That’s over.

I have serious challenges to overcome in the business. But the conditions have never been more favorable to me.

I don’t have to earn much money from it, for now.

I work from home now – will never have the type of overhead I had before.

My life is set up to have some success. and I look forward to what’s to come.

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