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Target Allocation Percentages

By Christopher Johnson | January 21, 2018

In the book Profit First, Mike Michalowicz puts out a concept called “Target Allocation Percentages.” The gist of his system is simple: you have an income account where you collect your cash, and then it’s allocated based on a real-revenue based scheme.  These go into separate accounts.  Seven of them. He defines real revenue as revenue less contractor and […]

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Why Launch Energy Is Wasted Energy

By Christopher Johnson | January 19, 2018

I like starting things. And I like finishing them. But, to me, there’s nothing more tedious than the early stages of building a platform. The “plumbing” I’ve done it about 5 times, and then I’ve “redone” existing platforms another 15 or so times. Each time I do it I’m better at it, but not faster. […]

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Writing And Publishing

By Christopher Johnson | January 15, 2018

I have written a lot over the last year. More than the prior 3 years combined. But I haven’t published much. I can’t get into the speculative reasons as to why that would be, only to say that I’ve been sort of reconsidering my schtick. Who do I even want to be? It makes no sense to go faster when […]

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Business Lessons

By Christopher Johnson | December 1, 2017

I’m starting a new business. I’ve screwed up nearly everything about my old business and I want to build something that’s worth having for a long time. Always have enough money on hand to close the business. Don’t risk inadvertent Ponzi schemes. Always know your YTD, MTD, QTD collected, contracted & completed numbers. Growth follows […]

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Thoughts I Used To Think

By Christopher Johnson | November 30, 2017

I’m watching a lot of people fall. I’m not really surprised by any of it. I’ve seen aggressive behavior before. I’ve also (personally) said things that I’d never consider doing these days. Usually flirting or jokes gone wrong, that could make people feel uncomfortable and in hindsight were in poor taste. I don’t know what […]

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Radical Accountability & Transparency

By Christopher Johnson | November 28, 2017

As I’m rebooting myself, I am embracing transparency. Have no real choice. I feel like it’s a pillar of my life, a building block I need in order to make my life the way I want it. Where I’m calling from. Selective transparency is just bragging. The worst businesses and lives have areas of success. […]

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Personal Operating System

By Christopher Johnson | November 26, 2017

This year has been a year of reflecting. I’ve filled journals, written tens of thousands of words. Gone through the five stages of grief from moving to Portland (and losing my zeal for my business). I’ve read more this year than I have in past years. And I’ve licked my wounds (all self-inflicted) to come […]

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On Form and Practice

By Christopher Johnson | October 14, 2017

One of the quests I’ve had lately is to get better at playing Racquetball. I’ve rediscovered it and enjoyed playing the game. It’s mostly a game of skill, and my acute lack of footspeed isn’t a disqualifier like it is in basketball. I bought a book as an add on from Racquetball Warehouse.It showed that […]

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On Selling Out

By Christopher Johnson | September 29, 2017

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend. Her premise was that artists all eventually got corrupted and sold  out. There was a hint of contempt—or even pity—on those words. That this was just what happened in a lifecycle. There was the egg stage, larval stage, starving artist stage and finally, pretentious […]

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Work Vs. “Work”

By Christopher Johnson | September 18, 2017

We all want to work hard. Or do we just want to seem to work hard? So many times I find myself not productivelyspending office time. I listlessly look at Reddit. Or I look at my burn rate and try to figure how many sales I need to make. Or I’ll scroll through LinkedIn and […]

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