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Breaking The Browser Habit

By Christopher Johnson | April 13, 2016

The browser vexes me. On my Mac, it’s a portal to whatever the world has to offer. It’s mostly distractions.  Things that don’t benefit me, support my goals or put me in position to be of service. I use it a lot – because I’m not a luddite: I use the Gmail App.  I compose […]

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Focus Is A Muscle

By Christopher Johnson | April 1, 2016

It’s hard to focus. It’s always been hard for me to sustain concentration over a long period of time. The human condition. I’m not unique, and I may even be above average. Still. It’s the biggest challenge, and mastering it creates a reward. The muscle muscle be built. Spending time in the Flow State, serving your […]

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Other Types Of Debt

By Christopher Johnson | March 31, 2016

For close to 6 years I’ve been running a company called Simplifilm. For four years I had a (great) partner. We’ve had some accomplishments. The creation and sale of a product. Best selling authors worked with us. More. We also pushed a bunch of stuff under the rug. Both in the “partner days” and beyond. […]

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Curriculum March 2016

By Christopher Johnson | March 18, 2016

In March, I’m committed to getting back to reading and exercise. I’ve got a big hill to climb and I’ve imperiled my company by having had so much overhead.  That lead to a place where we were behind on deliverables, and started a death spiral that (I hope) we’ve pulled out of. The idea is […]

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Making The Worst

By Christopher Johnson | March 6, 2016

Many of the big problems in my life aren’t times when I made the worst of a bad situation.  I was probably more right than wrong at the outset, but…the reaction was graceless.

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A few things I would do differently

By Christopher Johnson | March 4, 2016

Don’t change your cell phone number (unless it’s to disconnect from people.) Don’t allow (many) inbound calls. Add 6x more value than what you take away. Don’t be snarky. Be nicer to family. Stay in shape. Get in shape to begin with.  

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Deep Work – Cal Newport

By Christopher Johnson | February 29, 2016

Deep Work by Cal Newport is an amazing book that will certainly change my life.  The process is going, and I’m excited about where it will take me. It’s a book that I can’t really criticize because it’s so good As something of a workaholic, I’ve had spurts where additional hours not only no longer produce value, but undo work […]

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Connected To The Stream

By Christopher Johnson | February 25, 2016

There’s a feeling when you are connected and working in flow that really feels good and works well.  You’re sharper because you’re connected to the stream. That is like flow but different.  Because you’re studying and working hard (for me reading, writing, all my life) you are the best version of yourself.  Because of that, you have […]

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Batching Work

By Christopher Johnson | February 22, 2016

Reading Deep Work by Cal Newport.  One of the ideas that I want to do more of is to batch work and that is something that I haven’t done a tremendous job with yet. Hopefully in lieu of trying to dabble at a little of everything I can have the guts to go deep and bold. I am, I […]

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Ruby’s Journal

By Christopher Johnson | February 22, 2016

Has a journal. Currently, in her journal are nothing but memories of what her friend from Portland are like.  So she doesn’t forget them.

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